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Commercial Real Estate Market Trends

The Impact of Organic Rent Growth on Real Estate Projections

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Mastering Year 1 Assumptions in Real Estate Underwriting

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What to Watch in 2024: Multifamily Outlook Offers Demand the Chance To Match Supply

2024 multifamily market trends, focusing on the balance between demand and supply, and the impact [...]

U.S. Multifamily Market Faces Challenges Ahead

Explore the 2024 outlook on multifamily rent trends, market challenges, and investment impacts. See what's [...]

Freddie Mac Outlook for 2024: Moderate Growth

Explore the 2024 multifamily forecast: key trends, growth challenges, and investment insights. Stay ahead in [...]

Chicago’s Suburban Multifamily Market: Investor Insights

Discover the resilience and potential of suburban multifamily properties in Chicago. Ideal insights for investors [...]

eXp Commercial Adds Moody’s Analytics CRE

eXp Commercial integrates Moody's Analytics CRE to provide advisors with data-driven insights, analytics, and research, [...]

2024 Multifamily Insights: Aurora/Naperville

Discover 2024's multifamily market trends in Aurora/Naperville and how they can guide your investment strategy.

Chicago’s Office-to-Apartment Boom: Insights & Trends

Discover Chicago's leading role in office-to-apartment conversions, with a deep dive into the city's market [...]

Multifamily Property Sales in Naperville and Aurora | eXp Commercial

Maximize your sale with eXp Commercial's expertise in Naperville & Aurora multifamily sales. Start with [...]

Maximize Returns with Top Aurora & Naperville Multifamily Brokers

Unlock the potential of your multifamily property with expert Aurora and Naperville apartment building brokers. [...]

eXp Commercial Launches Commercial Real Estate Specialty Committees

eXp Commercial is launching specialty committees in various fields of commercial real estate to provide [...]

Top 10 Features and Amenities Renters in the Midwest Prioritize

Renters everywhere are looking for more balance in their lives and in their homes. And [...]

Moody’s Analytics CRE | Q4 2023 Preliminary Trend Announcement

In 2023, U.S. multifamily and industrial sectors shifted, with decreased demand impacting absorption and vacancy [...]

Will 2024 see more apartment deals?

Even as sales improve, rate cuts won’t paper over all of the issues that emerged [...]

January 2024 Rent Report: Market Trends Unveiled

The January 2024 Rent Report uncovers the latest in rent growth, market shifts, and vacancy [...]

Optimism for the 2024 Multifamily Market

The 2024 multifamily market is generating optimism, with the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), Federal [...]

America’s housing shortage explained in one chart

The United States faces a significant housing shortage, with a deficit of approximately 3.2 million [...]

2024 Trends to Watch in Real Assets

2023 was a challenging year for real estate, with widespread declines in asset values and [...]

Consumers Feeling More Confident, Inspiring Apartment Demand

Consumer confidence is closely linked to apartment demand. When consumers are optimistic about the economy, [...]

1031 Exchange – Concepts and Terms

Welcome to our comprehensive list of concepts and terms common to the 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange. [...]

Unlocking Value: eXp Commercial and Taxonics Partner to Optimize Your Commercial Property Tax Strategy

Navigating the complexities of commercial property taxes can be a daunting task for even the [...]

Multifamily update? Zumper releases 2023 annual rent report, makes 2024 predictions

Thanks to sky-high interest rates, an uncertain economic climate, changing priorities, and ongoing hybrid- and [...]

Another boon to the multifamily market: As housing becomes more expensive, more are making the move to the renting lifestyle

Housing prices and interest rates are making owning a single-family home more expensive than ever. [...]

Miami Tops U.S. Hottest Markets, but the Midwest Heats Up the Competition

In 2023, the Midwest emerged as the most competitive rental market in the U.S., with [...]

Will the Commercial Market Hit the Reset Button in 2024?

As the real estate market adjusts to new norms in a post-pandemic world, the commercial [...]

2024 Apartment Forecast: Strong Fundamentals Despite Twists & Turns

Despite concerns about uncertainties and a potential recession, the 2024 forecast for the rental market [...]

CRE Markets Poised for Growth in 2024

Distress in the commercial real estate market has bottomed out, and conditions will soon be [...]

Don’t Get Left Behind: Now is the Time to Invest in Multifamily

Commercial real estate remains a highly favored investment class, and multifamily stands above the rest.

Priced out: How cities are scrambling to re-envision empty office spaces as future homes

As rising real estate prices have been reshaping homeownership across the country, the commercial landscape [...]