Coldwell Banker Commercial Largest Number of CCIM Designees and Candidates

Investing in commercial brokers’ education is key.

“Investing in your mind is one of the most important activities you can engage in as a business professional,” says Fred Schmidt, president and chief operating officer of Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates. With an emphasis on investing in the educational opportunities of its professionals, Coldwell Banker Commercial has made CCIM educational offerings an integral part of the company’s professional development strategy by delivering CCIM courses at its conferences, awarding CCIM scholarships to brokers, and providing discounts on CCIM membership and courses to affiliates.

CCIM Partner Connection asked Fred Schmidt and David Birnbaum, vice-president, learning, to share insights on how the CCIM program adds value for Coldwell Banker Commercial professionals.

CCIM: Which CCIM courses and concepts are most useful and valuable to Coldwell Banker Commercial brokers?

Schmidt: As part of our Emerging Broker Training program, we give an annual Top Student scholarship, which consists of paid tuition to attend the CI 101 course to help get the professional started on their path to designation. We encourage all of our graduates to continue on and take the entire core curriculum, but CI 101 is an essential building block for anyone in commercial real estate.

Birnbaum: Although all the CCIM courses are rigorous and valuable, we focus on the core courses (101-104), as well as their webinars, workshops, and online courses. The core courses provide an essential foundation in the commercial real estate business, while the CCIM webinars and conference seminars cover emerging topics and trends in commercial real estate, which teach CBC professionals how to excel in a fast-changing industry.

CCIM: How do Coldwell Banker Commercial brokers/agents apply the skills they acquire through CCIM courses?

Schmidt: We’ve found that a successful formula for success in the business is requiring new professionals to take CBC’s Emerging Broker Training and to complete their CCIM designation within three to four years of starting in the business. For example, this is the model that is followed by one of our owner/brokers, Rick Canup. Every recruit Rick brings in completes our four-month EBT program, and then goes on to complete their CCIM designation. These two course curriculums together provide a robust knowledgebase that in the end is beneficial for the client. In fact, several of the professionals from Rick’s office are part of our Top Two — those producers who are in the top two percentile of CBC across the United States.

CCIM: What value does CCIM education and your affiliation with the CCIM Institute add for Coldwell Banker Commercial professionals?

Birnbaum: Having the CCIM designation provides a higher level of business acumen and professionalism with instant credibility in the market. It is a badge of honor that the CBC organization espouses; achieving the designation is highly encouraged.

CCIM: Please describe the return on investment that Coldwell Banker Commercial experiences as a result of its affiliation with the CCIM Institute.

Schmidt: Individual results vary by market size, specialization, and a candidate’s number of years in the business, but anecdotally we perceive that when you compare the average income of those who have achieved the CCIM designation, typically their average income is higher than those who have not.

Birnbaum: Coldwell Banker Commercial proudly supports those CCIM initiatives that promote diversity within commercial real estate. CBC also has numerous professionals who teach CCIM classes, and during our annual global conference, the CCIM offerings are among the highest rated by our attendees.

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