Housing supply has continued to shrink

house lights turned on

Growth in the housing market has slowed, but prices have not fallen. This is due in large part to a limited supply of single-family homes. Construction ground to a halt during the coronavirus pandemic and again when the supply of construction materials dried up. 

The supply of homes hasn’t yet caught up to the demand for new housing, and it’s taking longer for buyers to find a home that meets their needs. In fact, it’s estimated that the US faces a shortage of roughly 5.5 million homes. Luckily, homebuyers are still willing to pay more than the list price when they do find a home that meets their needs. This is especially true in desirable neighborhoods and school districts.

The trend of rising prices and shrinking supply is expected to continue in the coming months as the economy reels from the impacts of inflation. Investors who are thinking about buying a property should do so soon to avoid paying too much. Those who already own investment properties should keep a close eye on market conditions and be prepared to make changes to their portfolios as needed.