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‘It’s a start:’ Stimulus bill includes $25 billion in emergency rental relief, extends eviction moratorium

Congress is set to pass a coronavirus relief bill that includes funding for rental assistance [...]

What the Election Results Mean for Real Estate Investors

What the Election Results Mean for Real Estate Investors

Apartments in Lower-Cost Areas Set to Thrive

With remote working increasing and oversupply a concern in urban markets, trends seem to favor [...]

Where Did All of the Evictions Go?

Renters are paying their monthly rent at near-normal levels and millions of renters haven’t been [...]

6 Tips for Tackling Multifamily Due Diligence Right Now

Multifamily deals are seeing a surge right now, despite COVID challenges. Multifamily investors need a [...]

Apartment Renter Debt Improves Despite Lack of Federal Pandemic Relief

Rent debt improved slightly in September as the economy has continued to improve and add [...]

Apartment Leasing Rebounds to Normal Levels

The pandemic immediately impacted apartment leasing activity, but about six weeks into the pandemic, leasing [...]

Multifamily Construction Sees Modest Shift to Lower-Density Markets

After COVID-19 hit in the second quarter, the balance changed, shifting to lower-density markets, including [...]

How to Bolster Apartment NOI During COVID-19

It’s easy to hit your numbers when times are good. But for multifamily pros navigating [...]

No, the eviction moratorium was not extended this weekend. Everything you need to know

If you live in a property covered by the CARES Act, landlords can now legally [...]

91.3 Percent of Apartment Households Paid Rent as of July 20

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)’s Rent Payment Tracker found 91.3 percent of apartment households [...]