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The Challenges Millennials Face to Attaining Homeownership

Millennials, or people spanning the ages of 24 to 39, are officially the nation’s largest generation, according to Pew Research Center. The young, but mature, age group is targeted to be in their prime home-buying years, but research shows they continue to lag behind previous generations in fulfilling the goal of homeownership.

NMHC Reports Mixed Results in Apartment Market Conditions Survey

The National Multifamily Housing Council’s Quarterly Survey of Apartment Market Conditions shows a mixed bag of market conditions as of January, based on responses from multifamily professionals.

2021 Multifamily Outlook: Suburban Strength | Multifamily Executive Magazine

Over the last 10 years, anyone could do well in multi-family, and we expect that 2021 will see a separation of the good from the not so good. A bifurcation in performance is coming that will present new buying and business growth opportunities for top performers.