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Special Report: Multifamily Amid COVID-19

Federal Government Action Will Assist Renters in Maintaining Income; Strong Multifamily Fundamentals Pre-Coronavirus Provide Sturdy [...]

Recession Risks Apartment Vacancy Rises Rent Growth Drops Time to Trim Some Assets

Recession Risks Apartment Vacancy Risks Rent Growth Drops. How will this affect me? What are [...]

Volatility in Construction Materials Pricing Is Putting Strain on Multifamily Developers

Multifamily developers don’t know what to expect when it comes to budgeting for materials prices. [...]

Apartment Housing Demand Remains Strong; Investors Pursue Yield to Broader Range of Markets

The apartment sector notched another healthy quarterly performance as the resounding strength of the employment [...]

Home Price Appreciation Widens Affordability Gap, Sustains Strong Apartment Housing Demand

Despite tight inventory levels, overall home prices are accelerating at a subdued pace as buyers [...]