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Recession Risks Apartment Vacancy Rises Rent Growth Drops Time to Trim Some Assets

Recession Risk? Apartment Vacancy Rises Rent Rent Growth Drops Trim Some Assets

Recession Risks Apartment Vacancy Risks Rent Growth Drops. How will this affect me? What are my alternatives if I sell my Multifamily property? Time to consider reallocating your portfolio to manage risk and increase yield?
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Apartment Housing Demand Remains Strong; Investors Pursue Yield to Broader Range of Markets

The apartment sector notched another healthy quarterly performance as the resounding strength of the employment market sustains demand for rentals. Class B and C units maintained particularly tight vacancy levels, delivering solid rent growth. Markets with elevated construction levels could face pockets of heightened competition as new apartment facilities go through lease-up.

Home Price Appreciation Widens Affordability Gap, Sustains Strong Apartment Housing Demand

Despite tight inventory levels, overall home prices are accelerating at a subdued pace as buyers remain on the sidelines by not providing offers on marketed homes. Housing needs are then directed to apartments. Last year, more than 340,000 units were absorbed, the highest level since 2000.