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Where Did All of the Evictions Go?

Renters are paying their monthly rent at near-normal levels and millions of renters haven’t been [...]

Apartment Renter Debt Improves Despite Lack of Federal Pandemic Relief

Rent debt improved slightly in September as the economy has continued to improve and add [...]

Apartment Leasing Rebounds to Normal Levels

The pandemic immediately impacted apartment leasing activity, but about six weeks into the pandemic, leasing [...]

Suburbs Outperform Cities as Renters Relocate: Report

The national shift toward remote work is shifting rental demand from urban areas to suburban [...]

How Do You Price Apartments in a Recession?

With all the pandemic-related turbulence in the market, determining how apartment units should be priced [...]

Investors Reexamine ‘Opportunity Zones’ in Light of Pandemic and Protests

Opportunity zones provide tax breaks to investors who transfer recently realized capital gains into qualified [...]