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Confused about the housing market? Here’s what’s happening

Randolph TaylorRandolph is a Multifamily Investment Sales Broker with eXp Commercial servicing Multifamily Buyers and [...]

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What The Rental Housing Industry Needs To Bounce Back From The Pandemic

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Three Lessons From Owning And Operating Multifamily Properties During A Pandemic

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Investor Excitement And Rental Demand Are The Perfect Pandemic Pair In Multifamily Real Estate

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Design An Investment Property With A Variety Of Renters In Mind

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Leveraging Depreciation As A Multifamily Investment Tax Benefit

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Investing In Multifamily In The New Year

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Deferred Sales Trusts: A Real Estate Tax Strategy

A deferred sales trust is a method used to defer capital gains tax  when selling real estate [...]

7 Items In The GOP’s Combined Tax Bill That Could Affect Real Estate

Below are seven items in the bill that could impact the industry, according to a [...]