Chicago’s Suburban Multifamily Market: Investor Insights

Modern suburban multifamily property in Chicago, showcasing investment potential and serene living environment.

Chicago’s Suburban Rental Market: A Hidden Gem for Investors

The State of Suburban Rentals in the Windy City

Amid a nationwide trend of cooling rents, Chicago’s suburban multifamily market stands as a testament to stability and growth. While the national median rent has seen a slight decrease, Chicago’s suburbs offer a unique allure to both renters and investors.

Market Insights from Industry Experts

Danielle Hale, chief economist at, acknowledges a multifamily building boom in select regions, which has kept rents in check. However, the robust demand in Chicago’s suburbs defies this trend because more people are choosing suburban living because of its convenience and affordability.

Chicago’s Suburban Appeal

Contrary to the national narrative, rents in Chicago’s suburbs have maintained their upward trajectory, appealing to a diverse demographic of renters and positioning investors for success in a market characterized by its resilience.

The Investment Advantage in Chicago’s Suburbs

The unique market conditions of the Chicago suburbs, including lower unemployment rates and a consistent demand for rental properties, provide fertile ground for multifamily property investments, outshining the volatile urban rental landscapes.

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