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What is Debt Yield and How Does it Apply in Commercial Real Estate

Debt yield hasn’t traditionally been a primary commercial real estate loan underwriting metric, but more lenders are incorporating it into their criteria. In the current real estate market, measuring debt yield ratios provides lenders with a stable assessment regardless of unusual or changing conditions.

NAR Chief Economist Offers Commercial Real Estate Market Forecast

Challenges facing the commercial real estate market brought on by tightening lending policies among many small and regional banks, which have been a key source of commercial loans. Still, due to continuing U.S. job gains, net absorption has been mostly positive nationwide, Yun said, with the apartment, industrial and retail sectors helping to keep the industry relatively stable.

Lending Guru Charles Rho Gives Advice on How to Prepare During a Down Market

Hunker down and play defense, or try to play offense and look for opportunity. That means understanding what your strategy is and what’s your competition.Those who can control their expenses will survive through a recession. And not only will they survive, they will come out stronger and essentially your field of competitors will shrink in a recession

Sam “Simcha” Applegrad Pays $31M for Schaumburg Apartments

Applegrad pays $31M for Schaumburg apartments Seller paid $47M for a 396-unit property in 2014. Sam “Simcha” Applegrad picked up an apartment complex in the northwest Chicago suburbs for $31 million, adding to the streak of multifamily trades in the area as deal volume for other commercial real estate assets dives while rising interest rates wedge pricing gaps between buyers and sellers.

Multifamily’s secret weapon against recession? Proptech

The multifamily property industry has shown this resilience through five recessions in the last forty years while also surviving a global pandemic that crippled many other sectors. What strategies are owners and operators in the multifamily industry employing today to maintain their profit margins in the face of volatile economic times?

Renovation nation: Why multifamily rehabs can resist economic turmoil

The report forecasts 2023 will see the highest new supply totals since the 1980s as underway projects catch up to market conditions. However, the majority of these will be luxury units. This fact, combined with higher interest rates pricing, would-be buyers out of homeownership, and an eventual tapering off of new construction starts, means that demand for many renters is not going away.

The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Property Types

Commercial real estate is the US’s third most valuable asset class, right behind stocks and bonds. With an estimated market value of about $17 trillion, it’s understandable why many investors are adding commercial real estate to their investment portfolios. Let’s take a quick look at commercial real estate basics, including commercial real estate types and asset classes, and the best