eXp Commercial Adds Moody’s Analytics CRE

eXp Commercial logo with Moody’s Analytics CRE background, Graph showcasing CRE market trends analysis by Moody’s Analytics, Map indicating commercial location scores by Moody’s Analytics CRE, Dashboard view of Moody’s Analytics CRE platform for commercial real estate

eXp Commercial continues to build its stable of tools and resources to help its advisors, and the latest addition is Moody’s Analytics CRE. 

Moody’s Analytics CRE will offer integrated insights, analytics, and enriched data to eXp Commercial’s advisors through its trusted, validated data, dynamic analytics, and extensive research programs. Moody’s Analytics CRE helps institutions gain efficiencies and drive growth in CRE.

How eXp Commercial, Advisors, and Clients Can Benefit:

  • Access to valuable analysis by Moody’s CRE experts who interpret and analyze data, providing performance indicators such as loan analysis, location scoring, trends, forecasts, and economic narratives to improve decision-making.
  • Utilization of Moody’s Analytics CRE, accessing in-depth data and analytics from markets across the U.S. This enables advisors to delve into real-time local supply and demand, staying ahead of trends with customizable forecasting tools.
  • Leveraging Moody’s Commercial Location Score, which is a proprietary model to determine the value of any given commercial location in the U.S. It is designed as a means to consistently evaluate a location’s suitability and desirability for a particular use case.
  • Use of Moody’s Analytics CRE property-centric platform with 8+ million commercial real estate properties and historical sales comps in the U.S., all researched and verified by humans with detailed property characteristics and granular space-level data. 

Source: eXp Commercial Adds Moody’s Analytics CRE