New eXp Commercial Partner Helps Clients Increase Cash Flow and Reduce the Cost of Real Estate Ownership


New eXp Commercial Partner, O’Connor Tax Reduction Experts

helps our clients add value through subtraction

About O’Connor & Associates

O’Connor is the largest property tax consulting firm in the United States. O’Connor’s team of professionals possesses the resources and unparalleled market expertise in the areas of property tax, cost segregation, and commercial and residential real estate appraisals. The firm was founded in 1974 and employs more than 550 professionals worldwide.

The team at O’Connor is ready to help eXp Commercial Clients reduce the cost of property ownership and increase their cash flow.
  • Residential Property Tax Reduction
Our clients can see a decrease in the cost of ownership when our expert tax consultants appeal their property tax assessments. O’Connor provides valuation intelligence and experience working through the assessor, appraisal review board, and judicial appeal process on behalf of our clients. We fight so you won’t have to, and only charge a fee when we reduce taxes. We aggressively protest every year to give you tax relief.
  • Commercial Property Tax Reduction
Our established approach combined with our data aggregation, technology, and expert staff makes O’Connor the leading independent real estate tax services company in the United States. Our licensed tax agents can help you by filing appeals, reviewing financials, protesting over-assessed property values, and pursuing every legal avenue to protest and lower their taxes.
  • Cost Segregation
O’Connor helps you increase cash flow by reducing their taxable income through cost segregation, a specialized and powerful tool that accurately allocates property components for federal income tax depreciation calculations. Our clients often save 10-20 times the cost of the study in tax savings. O’Connor will provide, at no charge and with no obligation, a preliminary analysis that will estimate the impact of cost segregation and resulting federal income tax savings.
  • Commercial Appraisal
O’Connor’s appraisers gather and analyze data to make informed decisions about real estate values. You will receive honest opinions of value which financial institutions can rely on when making credit decisions. 
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